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Joe Reis - Death to Data Modeling, Long Live Data Modeling

  • 2023-06-23
  • 8:50 AM - 11:00 AM
  • Deloitte Summit Building - 410 West Georgia Street, Vancouver
  • 157


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Death to Data Modelling, Long Live Data Modelling

Joe Reis is a rising voice for the Modern Data Stack, a co-author of the instant classic "Fundamentals of Data Engineering: Plan and Build Robust Data Systems" from O'Reilly, and an internationally popular expert, panellist, and keynote speaker at data-related conferences around the world. We were able to entice Joe because of Vancouver's vibrant data community.

Abstract: Joe hopes to have an informal and open discussion about the "death of the data modelling practice" across the data lifecycle, including Software Engineering. Joe is researching a possible new book on the importance of Data Modelling and how it is evolving in the new MAD_Landscape.

From Joe's perspective, "data modelling is on life support. Does that mean data modelling is close to death? In short, no. But things aren't looking good. Data modelling is not yet dead, but it needs serious help." In this talk, Joe explores the what and why of data modelling, how we got to today, and suggestions for where we might go from here.

Joe's focus will be on Data Modelling and the Data Lifecycle, as well as:

  • The question(s) you have always wanted to bring up in a room full of data modelling colleagues! Some examples that I would love to hear Joe talk about. What are yours?
  • Do we really need the full set of conceptual and logical, before we do the physical, or can we reverse engineer from the physical after the fact?
  • Pragmatically, when we are engineering a fresh data set - what pain points are we setting ourselves up for if we don't flesh out the models? E.g. Interoperability and integrateability.
  • How do you balance risks like ambiguity and complexity?
  • Does a more rigorous model enable exponentially more functionality? E.g. knowledge graphs and 'small world' networking.
  • Can you have Data Governance without Data Models?
  • How do you 'pull out for maintenance' a linchpin data model?

Registration is open as of June 1st. 


  • 8:45 In-person networking, coffee, and muffin at Deloitte's Learning Centre
  • 9:00 DAMA chapter announcements
    • Thanks to our Sponsors: Deloitte, Denodo, Alation
  • 9:05 Joe Reis - Death to Data Modelling, Long Live Data Modelling
    • Goal: TBD
  • 10:30 Questions and discussions, coffee refill, networking
  • 10:30+ Draw for 2 signed copies of Joe's book "Fundamentals of Data Engineering" (limited to in-person attendees).

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Joe Reis is a “recovering data scientist” and a business-minded data nerd who’s worked in the data industry for 20 years, with responsibilities ranging from statistical modeling, forecasting, machine learning, data engineering, data architecture, and almost everything else in between.

He co-hosts the popular data show, The Monday Morning Data Chat, teaches at the University of Utah, speaks globally, and co-authored the wildly successful O’Reilly book, Fundamentals of Data Engineering.

When he’s not busy running a company, teaching, or creating content, Joe often finds himself rock climbing or trail running in the mountains around Salt Lake City, Utah.

About our location:

  • Deloitte Summit Building 
  • Follow signage - Learning Centre
  • Capacity - 60-200ish people in-person
  • Delicious baking and coffee provided 

Information and contacts will be linked here AFTER the event:

  • Slide deck 
  • Recording (if available)
  • Contact information for follow-up questions

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