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DAMA materials ready - Better Managing in Recessionary Times by Alation

  • 2023-01-27
  • 8:50 AM - 11:00 AM
  • Deloitte Summit Building - 410 West Georgia Street, Vancouver
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Better Managing in Recessionary Times - Myles Suer of Alation.

Thank you for supporting our first event of 2023. We were very lucky to have the top "CIO Influencer" Myles Suer pop up from California to discuss this timely recession topic of "cut across the board or surgical precision reductions while investing in critical areas".  

Agenda for last Friday, January 27th:

  • 8:50 In-person networking, coffee, muffin at Deloitte's Learning Centre (below)
  • 9:00 DAMA chapter announcements
    • Thanks to our Sponsors
    • Election results for our Board of Director's term (2023-24)
    • Director Reports - Treasury, Events, Membership, Education
  • 9:30 Data Driven Recession Planning by Myles Suer of Alation
    • The goal of this presentation is to connect self-service BI to two sets of recessionary research by HBR.
    • Organizations that use data to intelligently cut expenditures and invest simultaneously in transformation initiatives emerge stronger from a recession. (See abstract below).
  • 10:30 Questions and discussions, coffee refill, networking

   The business case for continued investment in data enablement during a recession.

Historically, organizations have managed through recessions by eliminating people or offering early retirement offers. Typically, leaders have considered it fairest to share the pain. However, reactionary cuts end up hurting the business long term and prevent it from surging after a recession. Organizations that use data intelligently, cut expenditures and simultaneously invest in transformative initiatives in order to emerge from a recession stronger.

In this presentation, we will review the research on best practices for managing through a recession, and examine how organizations use data to drive business efficiencies and transformation and their position to win and grow following challenging economic times. We will also discuss why this is the right time to propose a data strategy that has your company exiting the recession stronger. This includes creating business-focused data products as described through the data mesh concept.

Examples discussed of companies enabling self-service decision-making:

  • Internet Service Provider: 96% of data scientists saved up to two hours a day accessing data
  • Insurance Company: 25%-time savings due to reduced analyst requests for data
  • Healthcare Payer: 24-48 hours for the business user to access data reduced to 5 minutes
  • Life Sciences Company: 1-2 weeks for business users to access data reduced to an hour or less

    Myles Suer

A leading influencer of CIOs - Myles is the facilitator of #CIOChat and a regular contributor to eWeek, CIO Magazine, CMSWire, and Cutter Business Technology Journal. At Alation, Myles is the Director of Solution Marketing. Prior to Alation, Myles was responsible for Informatica’s Intelligent Data Platform and at HP, Myles led a product team applying analytics and big data to HP’s IT management products.

About our location:

  • Deloitte Summit Building 
  • Follow signage - Learning Centre
  • Capacity - 60ish people in-person
  • Delicious baking and coffee provided 

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Thank you to Deloitte for their continuing support over the last decade, providing venues and sustenance for our DAMA-Vancouver BC Chapter and the Vancouver data scene.  Please check out their web site.

Thank you to Alation, a Platinum sponsor of our 2023 season.  Alation provides enterprise data intelligence solutions, including data search & discovery, data governance, data stewardship, analytics, and digital transformation.  Please check out their web site.

Thank you to denodo, a Platinum sponsor of our 2023 season.  One Logical Platform for All Your Data; One Modern Solution for Your Business; Please check out their web site and their white papers:
    - Analyst Report: The Value of Data Virtualization in a Data Mesh
    - Logical Data Fabric Whitepaper
    - Logical Data Fabric Powered by Data Virtualization: An Overview

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